Indian Team confirms participation in BFAME Championship 2023 in Lahore

The Bridge Federation of Pakistan is ready to host the BFAME (Bridge Federation of Asia and Middle East) Championship in Lahore from 5h May to 13th May in Lahore. Teams from India, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Bangladesh will be participating in the event. Pakistan has also been the host country for BFAME Championships in 2007 and 1985.

Pakistan Bridge Federation President Mubasher Lucman said, “We are happy to host teams from India, Palestine and the middle east to Pakistan for the auspicious BFAME Championship. This will be the first of many such events for bridge in Pakistan in 2023 and we happy to host our neighbors in Pakistan”.

Pakistan is being represented by a team created after conducting trials in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. The two final teams will get to participate on the World Championship stage to be held later this year.

Bridge is a card deck game played all over the world professionally. The PBF is hoping to direct the development of the game and its players in Pakistan to help represent Pakistan at the international stage. Pakistan will also be participating in the Asian Games in September 2023.

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